How To Change A Bladder Paddle Outlet

One thing you should know when investing in an inflatable kayak with bladders, is how to change them. The main cause for them needing to be replaced is by over inflation, so make sure you read the instructions to avoid this. But if it does happen and you’re in need of bladder changing knowledge, then read on… 

To remove the bladder: 

First step is to fully deflate the bladder, using a flat surface helps here, so there are no hidden air pockets. 

Remove the valve you use to inflate the bladder. 

Open the bladder chamber which will be covered with either a zip or single double cover. 

Pull the bladder out. 

If it is punctured and you are repairing it, you will need to locate the hole and use a puncture repair kit. 

Or if you are replacing it, get your new bladder ready. 

To replace the bladder: 

Make sure the bladder chamber is completely clear of any dirt and debris. 

Slide the new (or repaired) bladder into the chamber without twisting. 

Little tip, having a friend help out is super useful, one person at each end can help a lot.

Position the bladder in the chamber, flat and lined up with the chamber. 

Close the chamber. 

Put the bladder valve back in place and make sure it is secure. 

Once everything is in its correct place, inflate the bladder only half way to check that everything is where it should be. 

Make sure the bladder is not twisted. If it's inflating straight, then keep inflating until full. 

Check everything one more time to make sure the bladder is in the correct position. 

Note that if you are replacing your bladder and you need to order a new one, make sure you order the correct one. If you are sitting in the kayak facing forward, the left bladder is on the left and the right bladder is on the right. The floor bladder is what you are sat on.


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