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Which is better? A hardshell kayak or an inflatable kayak? This mainly depends on a few things such as space, use, preference… read on! 

Hardshell kayaks are better suited for more intensive adventures on the water, such as ocean or open water kayaking, and stand the test of time as they are extremely durable.

An inflatable kayak is more suited to recreational use, touring and fishing. Inflatable kayaks also tend to be wider, so they have great stability which is especially useful for fishing when you need to stand up to cast or reel a fish in. 

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It's no secret the materials used in inflatable products are perhaps not the most environmentally friendly, but used correctly, and built to last, there can be a sustainable solution.

We asked Aquaglide, one of the top brands globally to give us the run down on how they aim towards a more sustainable brand.


At Aquaglide, we build products that are designed to get folks outside in nature. To say outdoor spaces are at the core of everything we do is an understatement. Unfortunately, human-induced climate change threatens the places we love so dearly – and as a team of passionate paddlers and outdoorspeople, we could no longer wait to take action. So over the past year, we have rebuilt the mission of Aquaglide to focus not only on paddlers and people – but also, the planet. We are a small team, but aim to take every step we can to limit our negative impact and maximize our positive change. By doing so, we hope to inspire others within our community to become advocates for our natural spaces along the way.

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