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You can’t beat a day on the water Fishing, that’s why we’ve gone out, tested and selected our favourite range of

Fishing Kayaks, Sups and accessories on you can shop with confidence and fish in peace.

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Classic 9ft10 iSUP - Package 2 - Paddle OutletClassic 9ft10 iSUP - Package 2 - Paddle Outlet
Spinera Classic 9ft10 Inflatable SUP - Package 2
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What accessories are available for my kayak or SUP? 

Drink holders. Firstly, the MAGNEPOD™ system, which is a series of magnetic discs around each watercraft that are compatible with BOTE’s thermos cups, speakers and more. You might want to go for a leisurely morning paddle with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise over that glassy body of water. We also have Aquaglide cup holders for those situations too, so never fear that you will lose your morning brew! 

How can I keep my drinks or catch of the day cold? 

Good question! You can choose from one of our many coolers to suit your style and needs. The KULA cooler is an excellent choice as it comes in different colours and sizes. It can also double up as a seat as it is a hard cooler, and an added bonus is that it has MAGNEPOD™ on the top, so you can also safely stow your drink. If you want something with a little more flex, then you can opt for the KULA Softy cooler which, as the name suggests, is not solid but still keeps your drinks and snacks cold, or your catch of the day fresh! 

How can I keep my cooler and fishing rods safe while paddling? 

Another good question! The BOTE Bucket Rac is built just for that. It cleans up your deck in no time rather than having it unorganized and looking like a disaster. It holds a five gallon bucket which you might use for your fishing tackle, and then there are four rod holders. This allows you to store your rod safely with no risk of losing it overboard, while you're adding more bait to your hook! And if you’ve upgraded to a KULA cooler, it will hold that where the five gallon bucket would go. The Bucket Rac also comes in three different colours, white, black and seafoam. 

Is there something I can carry my SUP or kayak with? 

Yes! There is the Travelink™ which is a strap that connects easily to the side of your BOTE SUP or kayak. The strap fits easily over your shoulder so that you can carry your craft with ease once it's inflated, down to the water or back to the car! 

How can I keep my kit dry and my fishing rods safe while paddling? 

You can use the Tackle Rac from BOTE! This is a simple yet extremely effective design. It fits onto your board easily, it’s got pegs that can hold your bag or kit you have, and it holds your fishing rods. The great thing is that it stores items vertically and so saves deck space, and also keeps your items away from the water. 

Can I keep things high and dry while paddling? 

Yes, the Highwater Tackle Pouch from BOTE fits perfectly on to the Tackle Rac. You can store things safely away, such as your phone or wallet and keep them dry. You’ve got a main pocket of storage, a front stash pocket and a D-ring for easy attachment. The pouch even has drainage holes at the bottom should any water find its way in. 

And these are just a few of the accessories we have to offer, when out the rest below to compliment your angling adventures!