Founded in a garage in 2009, YakAttack has quickly grown into a leader in the fishing and paddlesports industry. They specialise in fishing accessories for boats, kayaks, SUPS's, and as anglers that are tightly integrated into the fishing community, they are acutely aware of what this sport needs.

As a result, their designs are always problem solving solutions that are relevant, effective, and second to none in terms of quality and performance. As a company, they put their values, customers, product quality, and their Made in the USA commitment above all else, and it shows in everything they do.

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YakAttack paddle accessories mount to you kayak or paddleboard
in a few different ways. It can be confusing, so we have laid out below
a handy guide to what fixing attachment you need for your watercraft.


The MightyMount is a low profile, highly versatile mount with a small footprint designed to accommodate track-mounted accessories utilising a single attachment point.

The hole pattern featured on this mount was specifically designed for use with the GridLoc Mounting Platform found on the YakAttack BlackPak Pro, but it can also be attached to rotomoulded or thermoformed watercrafts.

The Mighty Mount attachment system is compatible with YakAttack track mounted accessories that use a single point of attachment.


With an identical hole pattern as old school deck mounts this mount can be used to switch to a deck mount that accommodates modern track accessories without the need to drill more holes.

For kayaks with pre-threaded inserts, additional hardware may be required.

For an inflatable kayak that doesn't already have attachment points, the Switchpad Surface Mount is a mounting solution that can be adhered to surfaces without the need for drilling. Compatible with the MightyMount Switch™, HD Track Mount, and most old-school deck mounts.


Space is at a premium on a fishing kayak. Slide Track or Track Mounts provide a compact and versatile way of mounting accessories such as Rod Holders, Fish Finders and Cameras. Some kayaks come pre-installed with slide tracks and but others do not. Slide Track can be purchased separately and retro-fitted to most kayaks fairly easily.

YakAttack has a large range of products that will fit a track mounting system, enabling you to accessorise your kayak with whatever you need for your trip out on the water.

These track mounted accessoriesare also compatible with YakAttacks Mighty Mounts.

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