The HD Aero Paddle Board From BOTE | Paddle Outlet

What can I use the HD Aero for? The answer is whatever you want! That's the beauty of it. It is fun and portable, you can use it with the family or for a solo paddle. Use it to work up a sweat, or casually cruise down stream with your buddies. 

Is the HD Aero easy to carry? Yes, all packed away in its travel bag, the Aero comes in at an extremely manageable 22kgs! So it is easy to lift from the car to the water's edge. And then back to the car when you’re paddled out! 

Is the HD Aero easy to store? Yes, the HD Aero is super easy to store. It comes with its own carry bag which size wise comes in at 36in L x 17in W x13in D. This can easily be stored away in the garage or cupboard inside your home, the size makes it easy to transport in your car too - no roof straps for you! 

Is the HD Aero good quality? Yes, the HD Aero is made from Inflatable AeroBOTE Technology and military grade PVC, this is one tough SUP that you will be able to take anywhere! 

Is the HD Aero just another paddle board? Yes it is a paddle board, BUT there is so much available that can be added to it to really customise it and make it your own. It has MAGNEPOD™ which is there to secure your coffee cup. You can add a paddle sheath for when you want a break but don’t want to be up the creek without a paddle. It's KULA cooler compatible, so you can store your cold drinks or catch of the day securely. There is the option to add a carry strap as it’s Travelink compatible. And it is also RAC compatible which transforms your paddle board into the ultimate angling craft!

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