paddle outlet blog - bote zepplin

The Bote Zeppelin  kayak is the most versatile kayak in the Bote range. Super light, compact and most of all, fun!

This kayak has a self-draining hull which effortlessly drains as you glide through the water to help keep you dry this winter, always is a handy feature. 

It’s lightweight due to its construction of inflatable AeroBOTE Technology, so it’s easier to transport to the water. The Zeppelin also boasts a removable floor chamber should you want to pack it down even smaller. 

Another unique feature about this kayak is that it is also perfect if you want to vary the seating arrangement. It is versatile so you can use it for a solo mission loaded up with all your kit, or a tandem trip but still with room for your KULA cooler, or even take the seats out and use it as a paddle board! 

And of course, the Zeppelin has MAGNEPO​​D™ so you can keep your MAGNEtumbler containing your liquid gold handy. 

Like we said, the most versatile kayak in the Bote range!

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