Should I Get A Kayak Or A SUP? Paddle Outlet

One of the big questions out there - should you invest in an inflatable SUP or inflatable kayak? Firstly you need to figure out what you are going to be doing on your watercraft. Do you enjoy standing up or sitting down? How far do you want to travel? Will you be taking a lot of kit with you? Will more than one person be using it? 

If you are planning to not be solo, a kayak is a better option as you can have between one to three seats. A SUP usually only caters for one person, unless it is an oversized SUP which is usually used for team building experiences at lakes or ocean clubs. 

If you want to travel distances on your SUP or kayak then you need a touring craft. These are more streamline in shape to promote easier and faster paddling. Think about if you’d prefer to spend hours paddling standing up or sitting down. Some people love endurance SUPping, while others would rather be seated in a kayak. 

Can I sit down on my SUP? Yes you can, you can purchase SUP seats that attach onto your SUP.  But you can only attach one seat on the SUP, unless you were looking at a SUP/kayak hybrid. 

Will you need to SUP or kayak with kit? You can take kit on a sup, but it is more easily stored in the hull of a kayak. Think about the gear you would most likely take with you, e.g. a day pack, fishing gear, camping gear - to figure out the space you will need. 

What will you be doing on your SUP or kayak? If you want something to take out on the local waterways in short stints through the summer months, then a SUP might suit you better. You can use it for fitness if you paddle faster, you can do yoga on it or you can use it as a float to jump off. If you fancy taking a light paddle with a friend along with packed lunch, then a kayak would suit your style more. 

The main questions are, how many people will be using the inflatable SUP or kayak at one time, how far do you want to travel and will you take a lot of gear with you.

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