Choosing The Right Kayak For Me? Paddle Outlet

Choosing what size kayak you need has never been easier! Kayaks come in all different sizes and are built for one, two or three people. 


Things to factor in when looking to purchase your kayak are, what you're doing, how many people it’s for, and your kit. 


What are you using your kayak for? You can use your kayak for many different things such as taking it out on a hot sunny day at the beach with the family, paddling down a river to explore your local area, or use it on a fishing lake at dawn; the list is endless. But what's important is finding the right kayak for you that suits your needs. You don’t need a fully loaded kayak if all you’re going to do is take it out on the ocean twice a year for a jolly. Deciding what you are using it for will give you an indication of what size you need. 


How many people will your kayak hold? Another very important question to ask yourself when seeking out a kayak. Are you a lone wolf and like to paddle alone? If you prefer solo missions up rivers, or the silence of the ocean then you will need a one seater kayak. 


If you intend to always use the kayak with your significant other, or always plan on taking a friend or family member with you, then you will need a two seater. 


You might have a child who will need / want to join in, in this case you will need a three seater. The more seats a kayak has, the longer it is. 


What kit will you need in your kayak? You might be a solo kayaker but enjoy big days out. You might like touring and covering huge distances, in which case you will need more kit and supplies with you. Or you might take the kayak out for a few days where you will need all your camping gear / cooking gear. This means you might need to look at getting a longer kayak also. 


Before purchasing your kayak, make sure you figure out exactly what you will be using it for so you can pinpoint how many seats you need and how much space for gear you need. Once you have figured this out, you can start searching for your perfect kayak.

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