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Whether you're a passionate fly fisherman embarking on the exciting journey of stand-up paddle fishing or an enthusiast of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) intrigued by the prospect of trying fly fishing from a paddle board, you've arrived at the perfect destination. One of the primary concerns for those new to fishing or fly fishing from a paddle board is the perceived lack of stability. What sets our products apart is that each of our boards provides exceptional stability considering its size, weight, construction, and shape. This is made possible by our revolutionary Gatorshell Technology and AeroBOTE Technology.

When perusing our collection of solid paddle boards, you can be confident that our Gatorshell paddle boards offer unmatched smoothness (speed), solidity (stability), and durability in the realm of SUP fishing. Alternatively, if you seek SUPs that combine easy transport and storage with unwavering stability, our range of AeroBOTE inflatable paddle boards or kayaks is the ideal choice.

Preparation for your latest endeavour—fly fishing from a SUP—commences with selecting the appropriate board. Once you've identified the optimal board that suits your physique and lifestyle, the most challenging aspect is already behind you. Following this, integrate a selection of compatible accessories that best complement your equipment, then load up and cast your line. It won't be long before you're fully immersed in this captivating pursuit.


“Before I go to bed, I’m sitting there thinking about fish, when I wake up, I’m thinking about fish. That’s the reality of it. It’s a passion that really just consumes me.” - Landon Mace, BOTE Ambassador, BOTE Presents // Emerge



Our range of paddle boards, kayaks, and micro skiffs has been meticulously designed to offer abundant fishing-friendly features. You won't need to question whether you'll have ample space to store your rods, paddle, and fishing gear while on the water. While technically you can fish from any of our boards – you can even try fly fishing from an inflatable dock – there are specific SUPs, kayaks, and micro skiffs that excel in supporting your new fly-fishing venture.


The HD stands out as our versatile lifestyle board, combining lightweight design with durability and just the right amount of deck space for your fly-fishing gear, without feeling crowded. Stepping up, the Racham offers increased size, stability, and enhanced capacity. Then, there's the LONO Aero – primarily an inflatable kayak but also functioning as a paddle board, offering unmatched versatility. And of course, let's not overlook the Rover – zip to your prime fishing spot at high speed with the motor, then raise it and silently paddle into the shallows.

When selecting a suitable SUP for fly fishing, it's important to consider factors like capacity, portability, compatibility, and preferred sight lines. While you might have your heart set on a SUP, we've included a couple of alternative options that serve as excellent multipurpose substitutes for a traditional paddle board. Which one aligns best with your preferences?

In times of uncertainty, our Bug Slinger™ styles are a reliable choice. They often feature additional fishing-friendly features (such as the Sandspear and Power-Pole Micro™) and showcase distinctive designs inspired by fly fishing aesthetics.



 Prior to loading your SUP, kayak, or micro skiff with attachments, take a moment to assess the gear you intend to bring on most outings. How many fishing rods will you be using? What's the size of your tackle box? Are provisions like drinks and food necessary, or do you anticipate brief fly-fishing excursions? 

The paramount attachment for your SUP fishing adventure is a Rac. The classic Tackle Rac accommodates two rods and a Tackle Pouch, and even provides space to hang personal items, ensuring they stay dry and secure. An excellent alternative is the Bucket Rac, seamlessly compatible with our KULA 5, featuring four rod holders. Don't overlook the Rocket Rac if you're fishing from a LONO.

Subsequently, you'll need a seating solution (if desired on a paddle board or micro skiff). The KULA 5 serves as both a comfortable seat and a cooler, with the added capacity to store bait or your catch.

Other options worth considering include the Sandspear, perfect for shallow water activities; the Power Pole Micro™ Anchor System for a noiseless and steadfast anchor when you locate the ideal spot; and the Highwater packs, providing absolute assurance that your phone, keys, and change of clothes remain completely dry, regardless of conditions.

Lastly, how will you transport your gear? If you're launching your board into the nearby lake, you're all set. However, if you're transporting a solid paddle board down the road, a few accessories to secure the board are essential. Using an Aero? Simply place it in your boot or in the back of the van and you're good to go.

Once your board and accessories are squared away, pay a visit to your local fly fishing store to ensure you have the appropriate weight rod for your desired type of fishing. They can also guide you on selecting the best reel, line, leader, and tippet for the flies you'll be using and the fish you'll be targeting. If you're new to fly fishing, it's highly recommended to receive some casting tips from your local fly store.



While preparing your board, focus on ensuring your mobility and guaranteeing sufficient space for efficient casting. It's crucial to maintain stability by being able to adjust your footing easily when reeling in a catch, while also having the freedom to cast back and forth to extend your line. If there are unnecessary items that could obstruct your movements, consider leaving them behind – chances are, you'll end up discarding them later if they hinder your pursuit of the next remarkable catch.

For those who are new to fly fishing, give yourself some leeway. A significant portion of the enjoyment in fly fishing from a paddle board arises from developing muscle memory and relishing the splendid outdoors.

It was on the last day and a mere 100 yards or so off the dock of our bay side condo, but we couldn’t care less. For me it was the first saltwater fish I’d ever landed, a modest little speckled trout that somehow managed not to bite my leader off - a consolation prize, but a prize nonetheless. For Hunter, my fearless, hood-rat, funhogging-compadre, it was a ladyfish that squirmed away before we could get it on camera. You’ll just have to take my word that it actually happened.Andrew Miller,