The Bote Deus - A Kayak And SUP In One Paddle Outlet

Can you buy a kayak and sup all-in-one? Yes, the inflatable Deus from Bote does just that. 

The Bote Deus  comes in at 11 ft in length, and 33in wide, which makes it super stable for both the kayak and SUP option. 

The Deus is made of Botes AeroBOTE Technology and military grade PVC. This means the Deus can be inflated in just a matter of minutes and that it is also extremely light coming in at just 18 kgs. Why do you want a light inflatable kayak or SUP? Because you usually need to carry it from the home to the vehicle, and then again from the vehicle to the water's edge. 

Deus Features - Along with the 11 ft hull, it comes with a travel bag, a removable center fin, removable foot bar, Aero repair kit, hand pump, and an inflatable seat deck. Everything you need to have a great time on the water! 

How is it both a kayak and a SUP? The Bote deus is primarily a kayak, however, because the seating platform can be removed, it allows the paddler to be able to stand up on the deck. The deck is flat from nose to tail and so creates a great platform to stand up paddle board on. And it takes only a few seconds for the paddler to remove the seat to turn it from a kayak to a SUP. 

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