I Want To Be Out On The Water, But Should I learn to Kayak or SUP this Winter? Paddle Outlet

Want to stay dry this January? Not sure if you should start with a Kayak or SUP in Winter? 

The answer purely depends on the user, but if you're a total beginner a kayak would more than likely be the drier option but we’ll link to both kayaks and SUPs for you!

If you’re a total novice, firstly, welcome to the waterways! And secondly, you're probably looking to stay dry this January. If this is the case, then a kayak is a great option because they have seats and sides so your centre of gravity is lower and water is less likely to spill into the hull.  Kayaks to look at are the Aquaglide Chinook and the Bote Lono. These are both great recreational kayaks that will allow you to get on the water easily and with minimal fuss, and both are stable and good for flat water. The Chinook also comes in three different sizes so you can tailor it to your personal and/or family needs. 

If you’re swaying more towards a SUP and you’re a beginner, then you will want to lean towards something bigger and wider to get that maximum stability for your best bet on staying dry. SUPs to look at are the Aquaglide Kush SUP, which comes in at 34 inches wide and has a squared off tail for added stability. If you want a sup but also want a seated option, you can add a seat to your sup! The Aquaglide AG Clip Seat can be easily clipped on to your SUP while you’re getting used to paddling, and then be taken off as you become more advanced. 

Another option would be the Bote HD Aero which is great as it’s got the length and it’s 34 inches wide. Also there is room to accessorise with coolers etc! 

Don’t forget if you’re new to kayaking or SUPping and it's cold, make sure you have the right safety gear, kit and clothing before you start your cold water adventures!

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