What Is Kayak Touring? Paddle Outlet

What is kayak touring you ask? Essentially it is taking your kayak out for a cruise, this can be for a couple of hours or for a multi day adventure either on your own or with friends. It really just about getting out on the water. 

What does kayak touring mean? In its simplest form kayak touring is simply taking your kayak out on the water. But the touring indicates that you prefer to travel or cover longer distances on your kayak. You might prefer to go out paddling for a few hours to get some of those nautical miles under your belt. 

Are there touring kayaks? Yes there are specific touring kayaks available. Kayaks such as the Aquaglide Navarro, or Chelan are built for distance as they are longer and narrower in shape. They are designed this way to be more efficient covering large distances on the water. The shape helps the kayak be more streamlined and cause less drag in the water, therefore allowing the paddler to use less energy on paddling. 

Should I get a touring kayak? It completely depends on what type of paddler you are, or you think you will be. Touring kayaks are designed to cover large distances on water. If you want to go on a multi-day camping adventure along a river or coast line, then a touring kayak is a good option. Or if you want to have a more intense paddle for a couple of hours then this is also a good option. If you want a kayak to play leisurely, or take in the surf, then a touring kayak is most likely not the one for you.

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