What Size Paddleboard Do I Need? Paddle Outlet

When you’re looking at what size paddle board you need there are a few things to take into consideration. 

How important is SUP length?

The length of the SUP will vary person to person. If you are shorter you can go for a shorter length SUP, if you are taller, you would go for a longer length SUP. 

How important is SUP width?

SUP width is very important and can make your life easier or harder depending on your level. If you’re a beginner then you will want a wider board, something over 33in wide. If you are intermediate you can go for something at 32in wide. Then you get into SUP race territory where the boards are much narrower as they are built for speed. 

How important is SUP thickness?

Thickness plays a huge part in the stability of a paddle board. The thicker the board, the more stable it is. 3-4inches is fairly narrow for a SUP and it will be quite wobbly, especially for a beginner. A wide stable board would be 6 inches thick. 

Why are so many beginner paddle boards 32in wide?

The material that paddle boards are made from, comes in rolls 32in wide. Beginner boards are usually lower in price, and to keep the price down, only one roll of material is used. To make the SUP just 1in wider, another roll of material is needed, therefore pushing up the price.

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