Why Is The SUPventure So Good For Families? Paddle Outlet

The SUPventure is great for family fun as it is super stable and can accommodate more weight, and therefore people, for example more children. If you go for a longer board, around 12ft in length, then the boards are wider at 33in wide, than your standard SUP. 

Why do I need width on my SUPventure?

The width is the secret to stability. The wider the SUP is, the more stable it will be. If you are going to use your SUP for multiple people, then you will want something that is more stable, and so width is your friend. 

Why is the SUPventure good for larger paddlers?

It’s good for those larger paddlers because it comes in a longer length, and also because it has more width to it, making it more stable when there is more weight on top of the board. 

What does the SUPventure come with?

The SUPventure package comes with everything you need to have a great paddling experience. It comes with the board, a pump, a center fin, a paddle and a bag to store all of it in when traveling to and from the water, which is also perfect for storing the gear away as well. Some packages also come with a leash. 

With the family in tow, I don’t have much room in my car for a SUP.

Do not worry, the SUPventure comes in a backpack style bag, around the size of a large sports bag. This makes the SUP easy to store at home in a wardrobe or garage, and also easy to fit in the boot of your car.

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