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Showing 1 - 24 of 53 products
Kayak Fin - Short Z-Pro
Z-Pro Kayak Fin - Short
Sale price£25.00
Posi Track Kayak Fin Aquaglide
Aquaglide Posi Track Kayak Fin
Sale price£19.96
Aquaglide - Press Fit Postitrack Fin - Chelan | Paddle Outlet
Chinook Kayak - Replacement Fin Aquaglide
SUP US Box Fin Classic Incl. Metal Plate - Paddle OutletSUP US Box Fin Classic Incl. Metal Plate - Paddle Outlet
Chinook 100 Kayak - Replacement Bladders Aquaglide
Kayak Boston Pro Valve Kit Z-Pro
Performance Seat - Paddle OutletPerformance Seat - Paddle Outlet
Aquaglide Proformance Seat
Sale price£65.00
SUP Slide-in Finbox for Inflatable Boards - Paddle OutletSUP Slide-in Finbox for Inflatable Boards - Paddle Outlet
Slide-in Classic 9 Inch SUP Fin - Paddle OutletSlide-in Classic 9 Inch SUP Fin - Paddle Outlet
Kayak Repair Kit Z-Pro
Z-Pro Kayak Repair Kit
Sale price£5.95
Yakattack | Knotloc Bungee Dividers 6 Pack | Paddle Outlet Fishing Accessories  | 1Yakattack | Knotloc Bungee Dividers 6 Pack | Paddle Outlet Fishing Accessories  2
Kayak Seat Back Strap - Pair Aquaglide
Replacement Kayak Footrest Aquaglide
Replacement Small Boston Floor Valve for an Aquaglide Chinook Kayak. Free UK Shipping.
Kayak Fin Quick Release Pin Aquaglide
Kayak Floor Valve Aquaglide
Aquaglide Kayak Floor Valve
Sale price£10.00
Aquaglide Kayak Splash Guard Insert | Paddle Outlet Kayak Spares


You’ll be pleased to hear the answer is yes! and also no. It completely depends on what type of kayak you have, what the damage is and where it is on the inflatable kayak. 

There are two types of inflatable kayak, those with a nylon outer skin and a PVC inner bladder, and those with a duratex or a similar, super tough outer shell that also contains the air. 

For the first one, if you find that one of your bladders is deflating, then these can easily be replaced and are quite inexpensive in relation to the full kayak. Whether it’s the left, right or floor bladder, you can purchase them quickly, change them over and be back on the water in no time! You can get your replacement bladder HERE.

If your kayak is made of duratex or a similar material and you have a tiny hole in the hull, then some glue will fix the problem once you have cleaned and dried the kayak. Once applied, make sure you let it dry for the recommended amount of time on the packaging before using. 

If you have a larger hole in your duratex, say larger than a pin hole, then a patch would be needed to fix your kayak. Again, make sure your kayak is clean and dry and then follow the instructions on the repair kit so you can be back on the water in no time. 

However, something like a large tear in the hull from being dragged across uneven ground, or a split seam from over inflating, will be hard to repair or possibly unfixable.


One thing you should know when investing in an inflatable kayak with bladders, is how to change them. The main cause for them needing to be replaced is by over inflation, so make sure you read the instructions to avoid this. But if it does happen and you’re in need of bladder changing knowledge, then read on… 

To remove the bladder: 

First step is to fully deflate the bladder, using a flat surface helps here, so there are no hidden air pockets. 

Remove the valve you use to inflate the bladder. 

Open the bladder chamber which will be covered with either a zip or single double cover. 

Pull the bladder out. 

If it is punctured and you are repairing it, you will need to locate the hole and use a puncture repair kit. 

To replace the bladder and read more CLICK HERE.

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