Hybris 475 - Touring Inflatable Kayak

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Looking for a high-quality, multi-person touring kayak at an incredible price?

The Hybris series is the complete all-round touring kayak line from Spinera. A very stable kayak which offers the very best gliding properties due to the smooth tarpaulin underbody.

1x Hybris Inflatable Kayak

2x Removable Tracking Fin

2/3x Seats (Depending on Model)

1x Storage Bag

1x Repair Kit

Accessory styles may differ slightly from shown.

 Best For: 2 or 3-person performance touring.

Capacity: 1 to 3-person | 270 kg max weight.

Technology: HDDS triple chamber, high-density drop stitch.

Warranty: 1-year limited against any manufacturing defects.

Dimensions: 475 cm L x 90 cm W.

Weight: 15.2 kg.

Volume: 355 L

Includes: Storage Bag, 2 Fins, 3 Kayak Seats

Not Included: Paddle, Pump, PFD (Personal Flotation Device).

Complete The Set Up

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Touring is covering larger distances across the water on your kayak. Touring kayaks are built differently to more leisurely recreational kayaks,
they are longer in most cases and usually narrower as well.

Why are touring kayaks longer and narrower?
They are built and shaped that way to promote easy paddling across large distances of water. They are designed to cover miles over many hours. The shape allows the touring kayak to glide faster through the water and so the paddler can generate more speed. The shape promotes ease as there is less drag with a more streamlined shape, so the paddler doesn’t expel as much energy if they were paddling the same distance on a shorter, wider kayak. 

Why are touring kayaks shaped with a pointy nose?

They have this shape to displace the water. Because they are designed to cover large distances and use the paddlers energy in an efficient way, they slice through the water, rather than push the water out the way, like the more recreational kayaks would do. 

Can I take things with me on my Touring kayak?
Yes of course you can, and you’ll most likely need to if you plan to paddle from dawn till dusk. Check your kayak comes with a bungee system where you can secure items you’ll need for the day, or they might have hooks where you can attach items such as a bag to.