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Who are BOTE? 

BOTE started out in Destin Florida. They have always strived to, “Stand Apart through industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas, and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.” They strongly believe in looking forward and with constant innovation, they brought out the Lono, their first drop-stitched inflatable kayak, and they have never looked back. 

How did BOTE revolutionise kayaks? 

‘Inflatable kayak’ doesn’t always sound great, but when BOTE were making rock solid SUP’s, they transferred this knowledge over to kayak design. Using their patented Aero Technology, they were able to create a kayak that is repeatedly mistaken for a hardshell - we’ve heard it with our own ears many times! 

Are BOTE kayaks durable? 

Durability is in BOTE’s DNA. They use military grade PVC and combined with AeroBOTE Construction, means that they can handle being tossed around, bumped, knocked, jumped on or scraped, with a low risk of damage. They are designed to keep you safe on the water with their extremely stable platforms and elevated seating options, and deliver fun on the water! 

Are BOTE kayaks portable? 

Yes. BOTE kayaks pack down into a bag that can be transported around easily from your home, to the boot of your car, to the water's edge. Storage is not a problem with these kayaks. 

Are BOTE kayaks versatile? 

Yes. They come in single and tandem options, or you can add an extra seat or a KULA cooler which also can double as a seat if you want to take a friend, the Zeppelin is great for this. You can take the seating platform off the Deus Aero to transform it from a kayak to a SUP. Or opt for the Lono if you want a pedal option and hand free kayaking! And there is a huge range of accessories to choose from as well. 

What is BOTE’s Expandable Platform Ethos?

For BOTE, it has always been “Paddle first, accessorise and personalise second.” The idea is that you pick the kayak or SUP that is the most suitable for you, and then you personalise it and tailor it down to a tee. The list is endless, choose from Tackle Rac’s, Dry Bags, MAGNEPOD drink systems, flasks and speakers, KULA Coolers, extra seats, APEX Pedal Drive, Rod Holders… So many options! 

What is in the BOTE kayak fleet? 

The Zeppelin. A super versatile kayak that comes in single and tandem options. You can also use the tandem as a single if you wanted the versatility of owning one kayak, but needed paddle options for solo sessions or with the family! 

The Deus. This is a kayak BUT, just remove the top chamber and it turns into a SUP within seconds! So versatile, and the chamber can be used as an extra water platform for those recreational days on the water. 

The Lono. This is a portable, packable, insane fishing kayak. Stand up and cast away all day long. Pedal your way upstream with the APEX Pedal Drive, chase your fish into the shallows, no problem! 


The kayaks are all made from military-grade PVC and combined with AeroBOTE Construction they are extremely durable, lightweight, easy to pack down, transport and store away. The main question is - which one would you choose?

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