Spring Into Paddling Paddle Outlet

Can you paddle board in the spring? 

Yes you absolutely can paddle board in the springtime! It is a beautiful time of year to get outside and on the water. The rivers are usually lined with lush greenery and nature has woken up from its wintery slumber. Be careful as the waters are still usually quite cold so make sure you are dressed appropriately! 

What do you wear when paddle boarding in the spring?

The springtime can be a fickle time of year when it comes down to the weather and conditions. It can vary from strong northerly winds and grey skies, to light southerly winds and blue skies, and then throw in some heavy rainfall in there which makes the waters colder, murkier and usually brings along stronger currents. 

Make sure you know the water temperature and conditions, you might need a thick wetsuit, or you might be fine in swimwear. If you are a confident paddler, then warm layers of clothing if you plan on staying dry. Don’t forget sunscreen if it's sunny! Be sure to wear a flotation vest or jacket for safety. 

What weather is best for paddle boarding? 

For most, a clear sunny day with warm water would be the ideal weather for paddle boarding in. However, there is nothing stopping you from getting on the water all year round, just make sure you have the appropriate clothing / wetsuit / safety jackets. 

How do I know what size paddle board I need? 

Check out our blog post on this to make sure you get the correct size for you: https://www.paddleoutlet.co.uk/blogs/news/what-size-paddleboard-do-i-need
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