I'm heading out on my paddle board, but what extras do I need to take? Read more for Paddle Outlets complete guide to what you need out on the water.

First things first, you will need your paddle board, or SUP, along with a paddle to get yourself around. You will also need your pump to inflate the paddle board, otherwise you really won’t be getting very far! Make sure you have your fin to promote controlling your SUP and a leash so you don’t lose your SUP should you fall off. A personal flotation device is also a good idea, safety first! 

So those are the basics that will get you on the water. But what else might you need, or would possibly want to take with you?

Depending on where you are and who you are with / paddling solo, you might feel safer with a rescue whistle and also a torch. 

What should I wear to go paddle boarding?

This hugely varies on person to person, the time of year you decide to go, and what level of paddler you are. For example, if you are a recreational paddler and prefer the peak of summer, you will most likely be fine in swimwear or a pair of board shorts and a rash vest to keep the sun off. However it's always a good idea to check the water temperature as rivers can be a lot colder than lakes. 

If you’re looking to paddle during the winter months, then a wetsuit would be a good idea if you think you’ll be going in the water at any point. 

If you’re more experienced, then you might just want layers of clothing. Merino wool layers are good as if you should fall in, the wool helps you to stay warm when wet. This prevents you from losing excess body heat during the colder months. 

Water shoes or booties can also be a good idea when venturing out as you never know what's on the water bed. 

So are there any other extras that I should think about taking when SUPping?

It depends on the weather, time of year and how long you intend to go out for. You might want to take sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. If it is colder, a flask for a hot drink, gloves and a wooly hat are useful items.

It’s a good idea to take a mobile phone and credit card with you in a waterproof bag or case. You might want to take a small first aid kit with you for minor injuries. 

And of course, water and snacks or lunch.


Whatever you decide to take having a dry bag to keep everything safe and dry is a really good addition to the kit list. 

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