What type of kayak is best for fishing? Read on to find all the information you need when selecting your angling kayak.

The first thing is to make sure you look for a fishing specific kayak. What is the difference between a normal kayak and a fishing kayak? The main difference is they are usually a little wider to allow the angler to stand up when casting or reeling in a fish, and also the amount of mounts and fixtures they have to accommodate fishing gear, such as rod holders or anchor points. 

Hardshell or inflatable?

The hardshell kayak can take a few big knocks such as hitting rocks on the bottom of the lake in shallow waters, but the inflatable kayak opens up a world of exploration as you don’t need to strap it to the roof of your vehicle! You can pack it down to fit in the boot of your car, you can store it in a cupboard if you live in an apartment in a city, you can take it on a plane and check it as luggage, you can take it with you on road trips for those just-in-case fishing moments.

What type of fishing kayak is best for rivers and lakes?

For a stable fishing kayak on moving and also calmer waters, you’ll want something that is between 12ft and 16ft to allow room for you to sit, stand and to accommodate all the angling gear, and also glide easily through the water when paddling. Kayaks such as the Blackfoot come in 13ft and 16ft option.It also needs to be wide enough to be stable when standing. 

Solo or tandem?

Try to work out what you’ll need before investing in your inflatable kayak. Some kayaks, such as the Blackfoot angler from Aquaglide have multi seat options. The Blackfoot 130 comes with one seat and plenty of room for fishing gear, but it also has the option of adding a second seat. Same with the Blackfoot 160, it comes with two seats and room for gear, but a third seat can also be added. On both of these kayaks, the seat configuration can be altered so both paddlers are facing forwards, or facing each other for a more sociable experience. 

Kayaks with fishing mounts are another thing to look for. You ideally want the option for paddle holders, rod holders, cup holders, standing room, room to land your catch and room for a cooler. You might want to use a navigation system or sonar system which you’d like to mount to the boat. The Blackfoot Anger has all of these and more.

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