Supventure 12ft - Inflatable SUP Package

Size: 12ft
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Looking for a sporty all-round iSUP for paddling? Looking for the best?

The highest quality SUP series from Spinera is the Supventure board range. Thanks to the Double Layer Dropstitch Technology, the boards are robust, stiffer and more resistant. These versatile stand-up paddleboards won't break the bank and will be fun for everyone.

1x Supventure Paddleboard

1x Paddle

1x Removable Fin

1x Ankle Leash

1x Transportation Bag/Backpack

1x Pump

1x Repair Kit

Accessory styles may differ slightly from shown.

Best For: 1 to 2-person recreational SUP.

Capacity: 1 to 2-person | Best experience up to 95kg | 140 kg max weight.

Technology: DLT fusion double layer, high-density drop stitch.

Warranty: 1-year limited against any manufacturing defects.

Dimensions: 320 cm L x 80 cm W x 15 cm H | 10ft6 L x 31in W x 6in H.

Weight: 9. kg.

Volume: 312 L.

Includes: Paddle, Backpack, Fin, Pump, Ankle Leash.

Not Included: PFD (Personal Flotation Device).


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Why Is The SUPventure So Good For Families?

The SUPventure is great for family fun as it is super stable and can accommodate more weight, and therefore people, for example more children. If you go for a longer board, around 12ft in length, then the boards are wider at 33in wide, than your standard SUP. 

Why do I need width on my SUPventure?

The width is the secret to stability. The wider the SUP is, the more stable it will be. If you are going to use your SUP for multiple people, then you will want something that is more stable, and so width is your friend. 

Why is the SUPventure good for larger paddlers?

It’s good for those larger paddlers because it comes in a longer length, and also because it has more width to it, making it more stable when there is more weight on top of the board. 

To find out What does theSUPventure come with? and With the family in tow, I don’t have much room in my car for a SUP.

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When you’re looking at what size paddle board you need there are a few things to take into consideration. 

How important is SUP length?

The length of the SUP will vary person to person. If you are shorter you can go for a shorter length SUP, if you are taller, you would go for a longer length SUP. 

How important is SUP width?

SUP width is very important and can make your life easier or harder depending on your level. If you’re a beginner then you will want a wider board, something over 33in wide. If you are intermediate you can go for something at 32in wide. Then you get into SUP race territory where the boards are much narrower as they are built for speed. 

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You’ve most likely seen people SUPing on social media, or on a local waterway, on holiday, on TV or just heard about it from friends. We are guessing it has piqued your interest as you are looking further into the sport. Perhaps as a hobby, perhaps as a fun thing to do on weekends with the family, or maybe to mix up your yoga routine or to increase your fitness. The main thing is that you are looking into it and so you might need a little help in choosing your first SUP. 

What should you look for in your very first SUP? Your first SUP needs to be stable. You want to be able to get up easily rather than spend most of your time battling with standing, wobbling around and falling a lot, especially when the weather and waters get colder. While length plays a huge part in this, the main thing you want to look for is width. Width equals stability. A beginner should look for a SUP at 33 inches wide or above. 32 inches is too narrow for a beginner. A SUP with a squared off tail will also provide more stability for a beginner. 

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